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Reveal your imagination

Express yourself through roleplay

Welcome to my world...
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This community is for the members of my roleplaying board or perhaps non-members who would like to join us. I am always looking for new people to join my roleplaying board and I hope that anyone who joins will consider joining it as well.

Details about my board:
It's a mass interaction roleplay where any character can communicate with anyone they wish to.

Anime, games, comics, movies, animated shows, disney and a fantasy section.

1. Most important. Please play your characters correctly. If you want them to act out of character then do that in the OOC section. That's what it's there for. During roleplay please play them how they really act.

2. Swearing is allowed but please use it moderately. Unless you make a character who cusses up a storm then feel free to cuss according to that character. But that goes with playing your character properly. If your character doesn't cuss then you shouldn't make him/her cuss during roleplay.

3. No harrassing other members. If you have a problem with another member then please settle it in PM's or chat. If it gets too out of hand I or another adminstrator will jump in to put a stop to it. Please be nice to one another.

4. If any of these rules are broken you will be sent a warning via PM through the character you messed up with. You get three warnings. If you don't change by the third warning you will be stripped of that character for a month. After that if you still want the character you will be given a one week trial with it. If you follow the rules then your character will be yours again. So please behave.

5. Be considerate with your signature pictures. The biggest size I would approve would be 500x400. (That's what I use) nothing bigger then that because anything bigger might be too much for other players to deal with.

6. No Godlike/Invincible characters. I think this is self-explanatory.

7. Spam is absolutely unacceptable. Do not spam, i.e. no signing on as a character just to advertise. Also, if you're upset with someone and you feel tempted to make post after post of "hate posts," don’t do it. Not only will it not solve anything, but it'll also make you look like a buffoon.

8. Along with the "No Godlike/Invincible characters" rule, "killing" another character without given permission is the height of rudeness. If you are willing to do away a character, then you must send the character's role-player a PM, explaining what you intend. If he or she agrees, then talk with him or her about the subject some more. If he or she does not, however, then whatever is making you want to kill a character must stop. We've had a big debate about this last December, and things got ugly. So please, do not kill (without permission).

9. When posting, please be courteous, and wait for all participants in each thread plot to make a post before proceeding with any major advances to the roleplay plotline. And, always when in doubt, about this or any other issue, just PM the person who's turn it's supposed to be, and ask.

10. Absolutely *NO* alternate versions of an already existing character are allowed. Young, old, alternate universe, etc...it would just be too confusing for everyone else.

11. If you have a fanmade character please, before you do any roleplaying as the character, post a profile explaining who the character is in the Handmade Goodies section of the General Board.

12. We don't expect everyone to type perfectly, after all, we're no grammar nazis, no one's perfect. But we do expect you to make sense of your posts...after all, how can someone respond if they don't know what you just typed? Hence, When IN ROLEPLAY (READ: IN CHARACTER), no chatspeak shorthand.

13. There is freedom to make any character...HOWEVER, has been somewhat of an agreement between rpers here AGES ago to keep the Harry Potter characters at one of our sister boards (http://www.xsorbit2.com/users/fantasywolds/index.cgi, so no Harry Potter characters are admitted here.

Claimed Characters:
Due to the fact that it's so long just follow the link to my character list of those already taken.
Claims List
Fan created characters are also welcome just follow rule 6 and 11 when you're making them.

For my members:
This is not a place to roleplay. You can discuss plotlines that need to be worked out or rant/vent about someone that's bothering you (so as not to clutter my board with meaningless bickering) or anything else related to the board.

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